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ICON Tunnel Systems offers all Trenchless Contractors the unique opportunity to own the world’s strongest and most versatile slide rail system for use in sheeting and shoring Tunnel Access Pits for Microtunneling, Auger Boring, Pipe Jacking, Pipe Ramming, Slip Lining and More. For decades contractors have constructed these pits out of traditional shoring materials such as Wood or Steel Driven Sheet Piling which can be extremely labor intensive and much slower than other shoring methods available today.


ICON Slide Rail Shoring Systems have been field proven by having supplied more than 8,500 projects in the USA and around the world for customers that have saved an average of 30% to 50% when directly compared to traditional shoring methods such as wood or steel driven sheet piling. ICON’s Slide Rail System uses a “Dig and Push” method of installation where the contractor can effectively dig and sheet the excavation at the same exact time. All components of our slide rail system are made in the USA at our manufacturing facility in East Brunswick, NJ. ICON stocks all small parts and components for the system at all times for fast delivery to your yard or jobsite to eliminate as much downtime as possible. If your system is damaged and in need of repair our trained technical repair department will assess the damage for you, fix the equipment and then our in house shipping department will quickly return it to you.

Why should you buy a Slide Rail System from ICON Tunnel Systems (a division of ICON Equipment Distributors, Inc.)?Shirley-Contr,-Huxted-Tunneling-I-95-Interchange,-VA-1

  • When you buy from our company you buy the best. ICON has built up a reputation for excellence in the trench shoring industry for delivering the highest quality equipment with superior service and know how since 1982.
  • Our equipment meets the highest standards available. All our equipment goes through a 6 Point inspection process we have developed over the years to insure the highest quality is met at all times.
  • Our equipment is the strongest on the market today. Our Slide Rail Equipment is reinforced and built to last for 10-15 years with minimal maintenance and not just for one or two jobs. All equipment is made out of high grade 50ksi steel with reinforced headers, pounding plates and our special impact design incorporated into all our transformer rail designs.
  • Our company experience is un-matched. ICON has supplied contractors with slide rail systems on more than 8,500 successfully completed projects around the world. ICON is considered the first pioneer of slide rail shoring systems in the USA.
  • 24 Hour field service and training for you. ICON employees a team of several technical field technicians with a combined experience of 60 years of installing slide rail shoring systems.
  • Engineering services ICON will supply consulting services at no charge to you. If required Site Specific Engineering with Shop Drawings, Paper Calculations and P.E. Stamp for you’re newly purchased or rented slide rail system in all 50 states to meet your job requirements for a reasonable fee.