steeltrench1About Steel Trench Boxes: ICON offers the most advanced line of trench shielding products available anywhere through Speed Shore Corporation. Our shields are built to last and designed by a Registered Professional Engineer to optimize strength-to-weight ratios while maintaining minimal sidewall thickness.

The standard shields are available with 3” to 8” thick walls in a full array of heights and lengths. Our comprehensive line of trench shields that we offer include economical Single-Wall Shields for less extreme lateral pressures, specially designed Manhole Shields and the popular heavy-duty Double-Wall Shields. Icon can also offer you complete customizable capabilities for all trench shields that can meet your specific project needs.steeltrench2

Speed Shore Trench Shields offer Optimized Safety and Productivity with these available options

  • Replaceable Push Blocks
    Protect your structure when pushing the shield to grade. Damaged sections are readily replaced with no modification to the shield structure.
  • 1/2” Steel Reinforced Plates
    For added strength and puncture resistance in critical spreader socket areas.
  • 5 Spreader Sockets
    Standard on most Double-Wall Shields, for optimal versatility in spreader placement.
  • Thru-Wall Spreader Sockets
    Penetrate end vertical supports for added strength and durability.
  • Easy-Access Lifting Pockets
    For ease of handling.
  • Certification Plate
    For quick reference to shield size, serial number and P.E.-Certified capacity.