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“Dig and Push” method of installation eliminates the need for vibratory hammers, increases production by 50% and decreases labor by 30% to 40% on average versus conventional sheeting.

What is a Slide Rail System? Slide rail systems are extremely versatile and can be used to shore simple pits or very elaborate excavations with utility problems, overhead clearance problems and difficult soil conditions all at once.

ICON is known as the original pioneer of this type of shoring system in the U.S. ICON’s slide rail shoring systems are made of high yield, Grade 50 steel and are comprised of lineal panels, rails or posts and bracing that enable the contractor to install 2, 3 and 4 sided pits and trenches for a variety of excavations and different soil conditions. ICON manufactures slide rails in either a single, double or triple rail design with a choice of Roller Rail Frames (Struts) or Fixed Position Braces for the contractor.

ICON’s Slide Rail system can be utilized on excavations for:

  • Large and small sewer line
  • Large water mains
  • Tunnel access pits or shafts
  • Tank installations
  • Environmental remediation and cleanup
  • Large and small diameter vaults
  • Pump stations, lift stations, wet wells, manholes and junction boxes
  • Bridge footings and wing walls
  • And much, much more.

How do you install a Slide Rail System? ICON’s slide rail system is installed simultaneously as the trench or pit is excavated. Start by excavating the trench to 4 feet deep. Install the first rails and lining plates. Then square up the system as best you can. Continue to dig on the inside of the system removing the excavated material as needed. Add more panels and rails incrementally using the “dig and push” method until the required sub-grade is reached.

Installation of a pre-engineered modular system of panels, rails and braces allows the contractor to easily sheet a small or large pit 30% to 50% faster than conventional methods such as steel-driven sheet piling

Work in Tight Areas

  • Installation and excavation take place together decreasing your costs by 50%.
  • Minimal vibration during installation minimizes damage to adjacent utilities and surrounding buildings.
  • More working room wall-to-wall without the use of inside waler beams.

Sheet and Shore around Existing or Adjacent Utilities, Safely and Quickly

  • With the use of ICON’s internal and utility crossing frames, existing utilities can be easily sheeted around as you advance the system.
  • Vertical panels, overlapping sheeting or vertical wood can be inserted into the crossing frame to shore around the existing utility.

Remove cross braces when needed by tying back to large, wide-flange beams

  • Rebrace Pit designs are available up to 40’W x 62’L and a maximum of 20’ in depth.

Triple Slide Rail Systems are used for Large, Deep, Difficult Jobs

  • Built to last for even the largest and toughest soil conditions.
  • Sheet as deep as 36’ in C60 soil.
  • Provide up to a 15’ or larger working room clearance under the bottom brace.

Master Design:


ICON Equipment is proud to offer our customers and dealers the most exciting slide rail design anywhere in the world. Our Transformer slide rail system is our fourth generation in designs that we have improved on since we started manufacturing slide rail systems in the USA.

The Transformer design is 45% stronger than our past rail designs and unlike other systems on the market that only offer one type of bracing, the Transformer slide rail system combines the best of all bracing designs and offers these options on one great rail. Why should you spend money with other manufacturers on several different types of slide rails for your fleet when you can do everything and more with the Transformer slide rail from ICON?

Download a 2-D example drawing of the Transformer Slide Rail by CLICKING HERE.

Trench Application
Trench Application
Pit Application
Pit Application

Bracing Designs:

Style 1: Roller Rail Bracing

Roller Rail Bracing
Roller Rail Bracing

Roller Rail Bracing will allow the contractor to move the bracing cart up and down the face of the Transformer rail when needed in order to provide large clearances for large pipes, culverts, structures or to perform an easier removal of the cross braces during a re-bracing procedure for open clear-span designs.

Style 2: Fixed Rail Bracing

Fixed Rail Bracing
Fixed Rail Bracing
Fixed Rail Bracing

Fixed Rail Bracing will allow the contractor to plan ahead before the start of an installation and pin the bracing into specific locations along the face of the Transformer rail based on the project requirements.  This ensures a proper assembly and perfect installation of the bracing every time.

Style 3: Angled Raker Bracing

Angled Raker Bracing
Angled Raker Bracing
Angled Raker Bracing

Angled Raker Bracing allows the contractor to remove all horizontal cross bracing in the way of the work to be done, providing a large open clear span for bridge piers or large tanks.  This type of bracing is ideal for use when “Re-Bracing” with Steel Tie-Back beams can’t be used as a viable option.

Channel Designs:

Single Slide Rail

Single Rail: ICON’s Single Slide Rail Systems are designed to be used in some of the most extreme soil conditions up to a maximum depth of 14’ in C60 soil. The Single Rail design is light duty and the smallest of all slide rail designs with one side channel for loading lining plates. This rail can enable you to work in tight spaces where larger slide rails or other conventional shoring equipment is impossible to use.

Double Slide Rail

Double Rail: ICON’s Double Slide Rail Systems are designed to be used in some of the most extreme soil conditions up to a maximum depth of 32’ in C60 soil. The Double Rail design is medium duty and incorporates two side channels for loading lining plates and stackable extension rails for going deeper as needed.

Triple Rail: ICON’s Triple Rail Systems are designed to be some of the most extreme soil conditions up to a maximum depth of 36’in used in C60 soil. The Triple Rail design is heavy duty and incorporates three side channels for loading lining plates and stackable extension rails for going deeper as needed.

Utility Designs:

Utility Crossing Systems

Utility Crossing Systems: ICON’s Utility Crossing Systems or (waler frames) are designed to be used in conjunction with our Slide Rail Systems for effectively sheeting and shoring around existing utilities, tunnels and structures that are encountered during the excavation and shoring operation. The unique design of ICON’s waler frames allow the contractor to do his or her job faster, safer and more effectively than the other conventional shoring equipment.

4-way rail

4-Way Rail Systems: The 4-way rail was created and designed by ICON to fill a specific need with our environmental contractors. This design allows the crew to install plates into the channels on all four sides, eliminating the need to backfill, move and then re-install in another location.

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